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TEXEL Energy

TEXEL Energy, in collaboration with the US Department of Energy, Savannah River National Laboratory, and Curtin University in Australia, is pioneering game-changing technologies to accelerate the transition to green energy. Our technologies are designed to compete directly with fossil fuels.

Malmöns Marina

Malmöns Marina, an authorized boat dealer of Storebro, Nimbus, Cooper Yacht, and Ferretti Group. The company also does sales assignments for Storebro, Nimbus, and similar boats, and through the marina, also offer winter storage, a sea gas station, guest harbor, the passenger ferry M/S Svea and first-class restaurants.

Dynamic Holding

Dynamic Holding AB, est. 2004, is a privately owned holding and investment company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company specializes in active ownership as well as portfolio investments. The active ownership is the key focus and what distinguish the company from traditional portfolio investors.

Volontärresor / The Perfect World Travel

Volontärresor AB is Sweden's first and largest volunteer travel agency, with experience in international volunteer work since 2005. It operates on a non-profit basis with the aim of providing as many people as possible with the opportunity to participate in volunteer projects around the world.


The Perfect World Foundation annually presents their honorary award ”The Perfect World Foundation Award” to a person who has contributed to significant conservation efforts by increasing global awareness and knowledge about the importance of protecting our planet’s wildlife, environment, and biodiversity.


The Perfect World Foundation

The Perfect World Foundation was established in Sweden in the early 2000s to support wildlife and nature in crisis, with a focus on preserving local and global biodiversity – all life on Earth. Through various events, the organization spreads knowledge and creates conditions for driving its own initiatives, as well as supporting a number of independent grassroots projects around the world.